Splashing Sneakers in Puddles
Starring the following model:
I love walking to school on this trail because there are so many puddles. Do you like how the water washes over my laces? I push one shoe on the toe and my heel slips out in a heelpop, which lets the water flow into the shoe. Before sliding my heel back into it, the water squishes out.

It feels so good on my feet and I know how much this is turning you on. You would probably like it when I jump and the water splashes on my long legs. It would be such a tease to unzip this hoodie to my belly button and let you see the bare skin, but not show you everything. You will have the knowledge that this jacket is the only thing I have on all day at school. Let's zip that up and you can sit in class thinking about that as well as my soaking wet sneakers.

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